Top 10 Best Colleges in Santa Monica in 2023

There is good schooling in and around Santa Monica. So, if you live on this side of the West, you can get a good college education without having to go so far to find schools.

This piece lists the best colleges to think about that are either in Santa Monica or within ten miles of it.

Top 10 Santa Monica Colleges

#1. Center for Media and Design, which is part of Santa Monica College

This college is still the best one to think about if you live in Santa Monica, and it holds the record for the most successful transfers to top colleges in the U.S.

It has had many successes, such as:

Top for a smooth transition to LMU
The best college to go to if you want to go to a UC school
Best college to get into UCLA
top to USC for transfer
The college is different from other schools in a number of ways. People who are interested in theater, media, design, and planetariums will love SMC. In terms of money, the university has a solid financial system that ensures good schooling for the local community. The college is proud of its education system, which includes 180 degree and certificate programmes. At SMC, you can choose from more than 1,400 classes.

Because the programmes at SMC are so good, the school stands out from the rest. The college has a great name both in the area and around the world.

Santa Monica College also has courses that aren’t too expensive, which has kept it popular with locals. Summer classes at SMC cost as little as $189 to finish.
Recently, more than 32,000 people went to Santa Monica College to study. Over the years, the university has grown by leaps and bounds because it has focused on training people for jobs in high-demand areas like cloud computing and others. The school has two other sites besides the main one in Santa Monica:

The campus at Santa Monica and Bundy
The Airport Arts College at Santa Monica College
Santa Monica College is the best college in Santa Monica because it has low tuition costs, a wide range of classes, and an excellent academic reputation.

#2. The Graduate School of RAND

When it comes to Ph.D. programmes in public policy, the Rand Graduate School in Santa Monica is still the oldest in the country. RAND may not be the best college for everyone, but if you want to go to grad school and are interested in public policy, it is the best choice.

RAND has a lot of great tools, and its funding programmes are so complicated that students can graduate without any debt. RAND also has a centre for study on public policy.

#3. SMC Emeritus College

As a student, it can be hard to find the right college where you can continue your education. But if you live in Santa Monica, SMC Emeritus College gives you that great chance.

Seniors and people in their later years can choose from a wide range of non-credit classes at SMC Emeritus College that are made with them in mind. Seniors have many options at SMC Emeritus College:

The chance to learn something new
Find out how to live a good life.
The chance to show off their artistic talents
The chance to meet other people who share similar hobbies and values
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SMC Emeritus College is a great chance for seniors who want to meet new people and learn new skills, but it’s important to know that the classes don’t count for credit.

The college’s goal is to help seniors and other older people find meaning in their lives again, and it has a great reputation for doing that.

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#4. The Santa Monica University (Not Ranked)

Even though many people might think that the University of Santa Monica and Santa Monica College are the same, it is important to make it clear that they are not. The University of Santa Monica is not the same as Santa Monica College, and it is its own school.

The University of Santa Monica is not yet on the list of approved schools. So, it doesn’t meet the requirements to give a degree in California.

Still, the University is nationally recognised. The University is a very different kind of school, and there are only two ways to get a degree there:

Spiritual Psychology Masters (M.A)
Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology, with a focus on
Health, Healing, and Being Aware (M.A)
Before you decide to go to the University of Santa Monica, you should know what kind of jobs you can get and what it means to have a degree that isn’t recognised. The University of Santa Monica is on this list so that it is full, not because it is a good choice.

Within ten miles of Santa Monica, there are a lot of other great schools where you can get a good education. The best schools within ten miles of Santa Monica are listed below.

#5. UCLA

This well-known college is known all over the country for its academic and athletic success and is only 10 miles from Santa Monica. It is a well-known college that has given the world many well-known people. Some of the great things it has done are:

15 winners of the Nobel Prize
There are 15 MacArthur fellows.
There have been 119 NCAA titles.
As a famous and top college in the United States, UCLA has a good chance of staying at the top for a long time.

US News says that UCLA is the best public university and ranks it as number one. About 31,000 undergraduates take part in different classes, and more than 5,400 of them are from other countries.

Even though it’s hard to get into UCLA, it’s a good school that’s reasonable and offers a good education.

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#6. Southern California University (USC)

Even though USC is a little farther than ten miles from Santa Monica, it is still worth considering because it has high standards for education. The University of Southern California is only eleven miles from Santa Monica, which is a fair distance to travel for a good education.

The University of Southern California is a private school that has a lot going for it. But USC has very high tuition fees and a strict method for getting in. Still, there are grants and scholarships that can help students pay for their education.

USC has many academic areas, and each year about 21,000 first-year students sign up to study there. The University of Southern California is one of the top 30 colleges in the United States.

Even though the university’s engineering and business schools get good marks, the computer science programme is often ranked number one in the United States. US News says that when it comes to making games and simulating them, the University of Southern California is the best in the US.

USC is a great college right in Santa Monica for those who can get through the selection process and pay the high school fees.

#7. University of Loyola Marymount (LMU)

Loyola Marymount University is only about five miles away from Santa Monica. Even though it might not be as well-known as UCLA or USC, it is still a great choice and has all the qualities that keep it on this list of the top ten schools in Santa Monica.

LMU is the biggest Catholic university on the West Coast and the largest Jesuit college. Since it opened in 1911, the university has grown stronger because of how strongly it is influenced by Catholicism.

They have a large number of student volunteers every year, and their study and undergraduate programmes are still very good. US News says that they are one of the 25 best teachers in the United States.

When it comes to academic studies, both business and engineering at LMU get high marks. The following are some of their rankings:

Hollywood Reporter says that LMU School of Film and Television is the 8th best in the United States.
Student Loan Report says that this school is number 15 on the list of the best schools in the United States that offer part-time jobs.
US News says that the Undergraduate Business Administrations Entrepreneurship Program at LMU is the 21st best in the state.
LMU gives students a great chance to learn outside of the classroom and get along well with other students, in addition to classroom events. When they leave LMU, graduates are ready to take on both life and work.

#8. University of Antioch

Antioch University is owned by Horace Mann and was started in 1852. Horace Mann was a leader and an educator who wanted to change the way schools worked. Antioch University has campuses in places all over the U.S., including one that is less than 10 miles from Santa Monica.

Students at Antioch University can choose between taking classes online or in the classroom. But most of the programmes at the university are online. Some of the university’s well-known programmes are creative writing, counselling and therapy, education and tutoring, environment studies and sustainability, leadership and management, and psychology.

The fact that all of this university’s campuses are locally accredited is one thing that makes it stand out. The university has also gotten a great name for its online classes on family counselling and marriage.

The only bad thing about the University is that it has high school fees that may not be easy for everyone to pay. Besides this, the university is a great place to go to school.

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#9. Mount St. Mary’s is a college.

There is a site of Mount St. Mary’s University about 10 miles from Santa Monica. The second old university was owned by the Catholics, and teaching began there in 1930. The college was set up.
It is a college for women run by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet.

In the last few years, the university has made 30 B.A. a good place to learn. and B.S. projects, some of which are:

The business world and maths
English, Education, and the Growth of Children
Sociology, philosophy, and social work
Biology, chemistry, nursing, etc., are all part of the area of science.

You can look at the university’s webpage to find out about its other majors. You can find out more about the college and its programmes by going to its website.

#10. The Otis College of Art and Design

The Otis College of Art and Design is in the old IBM Aerospace Center in Westchester. This is only about 10 miles from Santa Monica. Otis is a private college with a reputation for good education and high tuition costs.

Money magazine says that Otis is number four on the list of colleges that help students the most. Otis College is also known for having a 94% job rate after one year. The Economist puts the university at number 6 for the median salary of its graduates. Some of the first-year programmes that can be taken at the university are:

Environmental Design
Fine Arts
Making clothes
Designing graphics and drawing pictures
Making things and making toys
Otis College of Art and Design is a good place to go if you want to take Art/Design classes that will help you get a job after you graduate. You can also look at the college financial help system to find out how to get money for your programme.



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