How To Get Sprint Student Discount Code 2023, Eligibility, Military, Application

Sprint now offers students a discount on monthly service fees. You can get the Sprint student discount whether you’re a new or current customer.

Sprint is a well-known mobile network carrier that offers a wide range of wireless services to its customers. In addition to their affordable pricing and high-quality network coverage, Sprint also offers a special discount program for students.

The Sprint student discount program is designed to help students save money on their wireless services. Through this program, eligible students can receive a discount on their monthly phone bills, as well as on new phone purchases.

To qualify for the Sprint student discount, students need to be enrolled in a qualifying educational institution and provide proof of their student status. Once verified, they will be able to access the discount program and start saving on their mobile services.

You should take advantage of the discount if you can, but the exact amount is unclear and may vary by institution and partnership agreement.

Sprint does offer discounts to students, but only at select institutions.

Find out if your institution is qualified to receive the discounts. This indicates a working relationship with Sprint on their part.

As you read on, you’ll see that we’ve summarised everything you need to know.

There’s no hurry, so just follow the instructions to claim your discount.

Sprint offers a student discount.

The Sprint Corporation operated as a US-based telecommunications provider.

Before its merger with T-Mobile, it was the fourth largest mobile network operator in the United States.

Sprint is one of the largest and most reliable cellular service providers in the United States.

Sprint, in general, offers mobile broadband, messaging, and voice services.

Additionally, it provides mobile virtual network operators with wholesale access to its wireless networks.

With the addition of T-Mobile, Sprint now has a larger and more robust network than ever before.

The focus is on continuing to enhance the 5G network and boost performance.

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How much does Sprint offer its student customers?

Sprint offers a monthly plan subscription discount to college students.

Sprint provides student discounts, but the exact amount is unclear.

The range of discount-eligible institutions is extremely broad.

Discounts range from about 10% to 20%, with some institutions offering even deeper cuts.

To attract students, you must first be located at a school where Sprint provides a student discount.

You can confirm your student status and get started once you’ve done that.

In the following sections, we’ll show you how to get through this process and set up.

Your application status may not be finalised for a few days.

But once you’re accepted, you’ll have access to exclusive student pricing.

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Is There a Sprint Student Discount Available?

Sprint does, in fact, provide student discounts.

If you provide the necessary information during validation, you will receive a discount.

Check with Sprint to see if your school is one of the many that receive discounts thanks to the company’s partnerships with educational institutions and other organisations.

If you have been paying the full price for your cell phone service, you can now save money.

You may be eligible for a reduced Sprint rate through your school’s employee programme.

Sprint Offers a Discount for Students, But Who Qualifies?

The Sprint student discount is available to all employees and students at participating institutions.

Sprint provides a student discount that is frequently used by students, faculty, and staff.

With a Sprint promo code, you can get more for your money without sacrificing coverage or data options.

If you are a Sprint customer and a teacher or student, you are eligible for a discount on Sprint’s various data plans.

As was previously mentioned, the discounts you receive are contingent on the agreement Sprint has with your institution.

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Sprint’s Special Military Discount

Sprint is the fourth largest mobile network in the United States in terms of subscriber count. Like the other major cellular providers, they offer discounts to customers, such as those who work for large organisations, attend certain universities, belong to specific affinity groups, or are currently serving in or have previously served in the United States Armed Forces.

Sprint offers a special rate to all active-duty and veteran military personnel.

Who is eligible for the Sprint military discount, how much money can be saved, and is it worth switching carriers to get the Sprint discount will all be discussed in this article.

Sprint’s Eligibility for Military Discounts

When a member of the armed forces (active duty, National Guard, or Reserves), a veteran, or the member’s immediate family is the primary account holder, Sprint offers a special discount.

Sprint uses an online application form for eligibility verification.

Sprint uses the same software, dubbed Sprint Works, to manage the group discount and other special offers to employees, students, institutions, and other organisations.

Sprint’s Military Unlimited Plan Includes

The unlimited military plan is essentially a discount on Sprint’s unlimited basic plan for active duty military members and their families.

The following components are part of this scheme:

  • 500 MB mobile hotspot DVD-quality streaming on Hulu Unlimited data, talk, and text nationwide
    Unlimited international roaming in over 185 countries
    Toll-free phone calls and texting in Mexico and Canada
    5 GB of 4G LTE data

Pre-register on Sprint’s website by filling out the form. There are mandatory fields for full name, military branch, email address, and active phone number.

If you are currently serving in the military, email address can be used as verification of your status. If not, additional evidence of service provision may be required.

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You can also sign up by phone or in person at a Sprint store (though additional proof of military service will be required in both cases).

After your application and military status have been verified, you will receive an offer code via email.

You sign up for Sprint AutoPay and take full advantage of the discount.

Sprint’s Student Discount: How to Apply

Sprint is one of the largest and most reliable cellular service providers in the United States.

If a price cut helps your university, let’s talk about how to take advantage of it.

Students and faculty/staff are the only ones eligible for this discount, though.

To qualify for the Sprint student discount, please complete the following:

The first step is to check if your school qualifies for the discount at

You will be notified if your school has an agreement and is included after you fill out the required fields.

2. Submit your email address

You can enter your valid student or work email after finding out if your school is eligible. If you don’t already have email address, here’s how to make one.

3.  access the link sent to your work email.

Check your inbox and confirm your email address by the due date.

In doing so, you validate your student or worker status and gain access to the discount.

Within the next one or two bills, you should see the discount applied.

You might run into problems with this method.

Before continuing, however, you must first enter your mobile phone number at

4. Provide Supporting Documents

If you do not have a valid school or work email address, you will need to provide supporting documentation.

A letter from the school confirming your acceptance or a copy of your current class schedule would suffice as proof of enrollment.

You will usually need to fax your paperwork over to them and wait for approval.

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5: Sign Up In-Person

You can also register in person at a Sprint retailer by providing your student ID at the store.

Online registration is your best bet if you’d rather not go in person.

Can You Tell Me About Sprint’s Student Discount?

Sprint is being coy about the exact size of their discount, making it difficult to plan ahead.

Despite varying reports, Sprint provides discounts to the associated establishment.

One of their partner institutions, for instance, receives a 23% discount while other partners receive a different discount amount. In any case, securing a price cut is preferable to shelling out full price.

Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) about the Sprint Student Discount

Do you know if Sprint provides student discounts?

Sprint does, in fact, provide student discounts.
Validation is a process where you can save money by providing some basic information.

The name of your school and a current student email address are the two most important pieces of information needed for verification. If your institution is qualified to receive the Sprint student discount, then you can too.

Tell me about the student discount for Sprint services.

Sprint offers special deals and perks to its business partners, including employees, students, and educational institutions.

Is joining Sprint in your future?

To find out if you are eligible for Sprint Perks discounts, visit and enter your work, school, or organisation email address.

If you are eligible, you can now start receiving Sprint’s special benefits and discounts.

How can I find out if Sprint provides discounts to businesses like mine?

You can find your business at by entering your email address.
If you qualify, you’ll see a message telling you so.

You can also visit any Sprint Store or call the number listed on the site.
Sprint has an agreement with your company, school, or organisation that determines if you are eligible.

When will I start seeing my Sprint discount on my bill?

After 1–2 billing cycles, the credit should appear on your account after the information has been verified.

How about Black Friday at Sprint?

Yes. Sprint, like many other service providers, participates in Black Friday sales.

Does T-Mobile service also work on the Sprint network?

The merger of Sprint and T-Mobile has resulted in the world’s most advanced mobile network.
Sprint used to be the fourth largest US mobile network provider.
Currently, T-Mobile and Sprint are one company. The only change is that they’ve improved and grown.

How to get Sprint’s student discount

In order to receive the Sprint student discount, you must attend a school that is serviced by Sprint. If Sprint and your school have an agreement, you can receive the applicable discount rate based on that agreement.

Sprint accepts applications at Provide your email address and any other required information, then wait for verification. You will receive an email with discount information once your status as a student or staff member at the institution has been verified.

How do I verify that I am qualified to receive the Sprint Student Discount?

Do the following to prove that you meet the requirements:
Simply go to
Key in your Sprint mobile number.
Just hit the Next button and do as it says.

Is Sprint’s promo code valid for any and all cellular plans?

However, the discount you receive on your phone service depends on the plan you select.

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One of the best ways to save money on phone plans monthly is to take advantage of Sprint’s student discount. Whether you’re a first-time user or a seasoned pro, you’ll appreciate this.

As described above, you can check if your institution is eligible for a reduction. You should apply if you discover that they do.


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