Open Call to Help Civil Society Organizations with Digital Security and Digital Rights

The Technology Capacity Strengthening and Support in Digital Security and Digital Rights Advocacy Program is currently taking applications through the West Africa Civil Society Institute (WACSI).

This year, the support will be given to fifty (50) civil society groups (CSOs) from Nigeria in the areas of digital security and digital rights. This will help them better protect themselves and advocate for a more welcoming and safe online space so they can further their mission and have the most impact.

Given how important Nigeria is to the region and how recently WACSI Node was set up there, they are building on the project’s successes from last year by using the feedback and lessons learned from the first edition, which will help strengthen this year’s intervention.

Some of the benefits of the project will be licences for Cloud and Antivirus software that will help make their activities more secure and reliable. For eligible organizations, there will also be a series of training sessions that go into detail about digital threats and attacks, cybersecurity risks, preventive measures, risk assessment, and risk mitigation. This will give them the skills and knowledge they need to get ready for digital safety.

The specific goal of the programme is to help 50 CSOs in Nigeria become more successful and bring about social change by giving them access to technological tools and helping them become more digitally resilient.

What was expected

The results that are expected from the help for strengthening technological capacity are:

  • Digital technology tools are given to the groups that take part.
    Participating groups take the digital tools they get and use them.
    improved the productivity of the companies that took part.
    boosted the digital security of the groups that took part.
    Increased the digital resilience of the groups that took part.
    This help is scheduled to take place from April to July 2023.

How to be eligible

For organisations to gain from this project, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a group working in Nigeria that is part of civil society.
    Legally recognised as a group that doesn’t make money.
    Be registered on the TechSoup and Microsoft for Nonprofits portals, or start the process of registering, and be willing to send the right people to the training and mentoring step.
    Follow the plan and take part in the different tasks.
    West Africa Civil Society Institute has more details. (WACSI).

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Deadline: 23rd March 2023

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