How To Qualify For AbbVie and SASA Scholarships 2023

Medical students in South Africa don’t have to worry about money thanks to the AbbVie and SASA Scholarships. The maximum value of the award is R12, 500.00. Here’s your chance to attend college at no cost in South Africa.

Read on for information on how to apply for the AbbVie and SASA Scholarships for 2023.

From both an academic and clinical perspective, SASA’s mission is to advance the discipline of anaesthesia.

AbbVie is committed to combining cutting-edge science with exceptional skills to address urgent medical needs around the globe.

AbbVie and SASA Scholarships

The South African Society of Anaesthesiologists (SASA) and AbbVie (Pty) Ltd have formed a partnership to provide financial support to medical school graduates and other healthcare professionals who wish to further their education in the field of anaesthesia.

The AbbVie and SASA Scholarship aims to accomplish the following in South Africa:

To sustainably assist deserving and talented anaesthesia registrar trainees.
The goal is to find underrepresented students and retain them in the medical field as residents or attending physicians.
To encourage more people to pursue careers in academic anaesthesia and to ensure that promising doctoral students stay in academia.
In a broader sense, to help foster a setting that is beneficial to anaesthesia education.

School/Playground Level

AbbVie Scholarships are for people seeking post-graduate level programmes.

Home Country

AbbVie and SASA Scholarship South Africa are accepted and hosted in South Africa.

Eligible Country of Origin

South African scholarship opportunities from AbbVie and SASA are open only to international pupils.

Saldanha Bay Municipality Scholarship Bursary, South Africa

The AbbVie and SASA Scholarship Award is subject to yearly review and may be altered at any time without notice to applicants.

The annual salary for the position is R12, 500.00 (Twelve thousand five hundred rands only), with no more than that sum being paid out.

Award Receipts

Both for new and repeat awards, the yearly limit is 15 (fifteen).

At the annual SASA National Congress, fresh scholarship awards are presented. Recipients will not be required to cover the cost of attending the conference.

Keep in mind that there are only four (4) prizes given out each year.


The following are the bare minimal eligibility requirements for applicants to consider:

South African citizens/ students in all those SADEC regions,
The current postsecondary student at a South African University,
Registered for the separate clinic for an academic clinic within South Africa,”
Anesthesia registrars (who need to be/ become a Sasa trainee associate ),”
Medical Officer.
The AbbVie and SASA Scholarship Application Process

To submit, please fill out the scholarship application form (pdf) provided by AbbVie and SASA.

Please include the following things in your application pack:

  • Identity Proof (certified copy),
  • Your complete resume/CV,
  • Full academic records (certified copies),
    Certificates/ achievements,
    Motivational writing (explaining why you should be awarded the scholarship),
  • Approval from the Department Head.

The following should be included in your application:

Please download and explore the AbbVie and SaSa Scholarship Info (pdf).

Exam-related expenses will be covered by the grant. tools for training, attending a conference, or conducting scientific trials.
All beneficiaries of the AbbVie Scholarship in Anaesthesia submit a letter of acceptance, acknowledge receipt of funds, and inform the National Secretary on how the funds were utilised.
In the event of subsequent grants, a yearly report is required.
The Student Academic Success Alliance (SASA) may make its own inquiries into a student’s performance or behaviour.
If a scholarship recipient’s performance or behaviour is deemed unsuitable, the award may be decreased or revoked entirely.
Should recipients of scholarships alter, fail, discontinue, or terminate their course of study at any time during the academic year for which they were awarded, they will be required to repay the entire amount of their award.
To further education, the recipients may be asked to share their experiences, new knowledge, or study activities with their colleagues at an appropriate forum or in an SASA publication.

The winner of a four-year scholarship must commit to working as an anesthesiologist in Southern Africa for a minimum of two years after completing their studies there.

AbbVie and SASA Scholarship Application Deadline

The annual deadline to apply for the AbbVie and SASA Scholarship is October 31.

Please call 031 368 2530 or email if you have any queries about scholarships.

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