How to get the best AWS machine learning certification 2023

Machine Learning (ML) is one of the fastest-growing areas of technology, and it’s also a skill that’s in high demand on the job market right now. This is why you should get the AWS machine learning certification to improve your skills.

The World Economic Forum says that growth in artificial intelligence (AI) could create 58 million net new jobs over the next few years. However, there are only about 300,000 AI developers in the world right now, but millions are needed.

This means that, no matter how skilled you are, you have a unique and immediate chance to learn the most important ML ideas used to build AI apps.

You can keep up with this growth, improve your skills, and even move up in your job by learning the basics of ML now.

This course shows you how to use AWS Machine Learning for the first time. Machine Learning on AWS, Computer Vision on AWS, and Natural Language Processing (NLP) on AWS are some of the most important subjects.

Each topic has several modules that go into detail about different ML concepts, AWS services, and expert tips on how to use the ideas.

How does AWS Machine Learning work?

The AWS Machine Learning Certification is a specialty-level training from AWS that covers how to use machine learning solutions on AWS to solve business problems.

The AWS Machine Learning Certification goes over both machine learning in general and AWS in specific. The material is about how to use the AWS cloud and services to put machine learning approaches and solutions to use.

Because it is a specialty-level certification, it doesn’t fit into the three-tier system that AWS uses to group most of its certifications: Foundational, Associate, and Professional.

It is a very specific and difficult test for a certification, but there are no formal standards.

Getting the AWS Machine Learning certification shows that a person not only knows the basics of machine learning but also knows how to turn those basics into solutions that can be used through the AWS cloud.

In other words, being an expert in AWS cloud services is not enough to get the AWS Machine Learning, but so is being an expert in machine learning solutions without AWS experience.

Even though the ML-Specialty certification is hard, you can get it, even if you don’t have the years of experience that are suggested.

If you have any background in data science, I think you should look into this certification or at least learn about what AWS has to offer to help you grow your projects.

For AWS Machine Learning certification, you must pass the MLS-C01 test, which you can do online.

What is the purpose of the AWS Machine Learning test?

The only test you need to take to get AWS Machine Learning Certification is the MLS-C01. There are 65 questions on the 180-minute test. The questions are multiple-choice and multiple answers.

Multiple-choice questions only have one right answer, while multiple-response questions can have two or more right answers out of five or more choices. The test has four main parts, or “domains”:

Data Engineering (Area 1)
Area 2: Analysing material to find out more
Area 3: Modelling
Area 4: Putting machine learning into action and making it work.

Even though the AWS Machine Learning certificate is very technical and focuses on methods and processes for machine learning, AWS says that someone who has it knows how to choose the right machine learning approach for a business problem and the right AWS service to put it into action.

What does it cost to take the AWS Machine Learning exam?

The MLS-C01 qualification test for AWS Machine Learning costs $300. Because it is so specialised and hard, you will need to take extra classes and training.

Even though the test only costs $300, that is not the full cost of getting the AWS Machine Learning degree.

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Add up the cost of the classes you’re taking and the likely months you’ll need to prepare to get a better idea of how much it will cost you all together.

What kind of experience is needed for AWS Machine Learning?

Before taking the AWS Machine Learning exam, AWS suggests that you have one to two years of experience with machine learning and deep learning.

You would get the most out of this experience if it was intense and hands-on, instead of just giving you one or two ML jobs to do over and over again.

If you want to use AWS Machine Learning, you need to have experience building and running tasks for machine learning and deep learning solutions.

And you want these tasks to run on AWS in particular.

As we said before, the AWS Machine Learning exam is about both AWS and machine learning in general. Because of this, you should not only know how AWS cloud services handle machine learning workloads, but also be comfortable with machine learning methods in general.

The more you know about why machine learning services make the choices they do and how to tune basic hyperparameters, the better you will be ready for the MLS-C01.

You should know how to use machine learning frameworks, be able to use model training solutions, and know the best ways to install and run machine learning.

Who needs to use AWS Machine Learning?

The AWS Machine Learning Certification is great for data experts and developers who have worked with machine learning before.

Let’s say that in your day-to-day work, you run into business problems that could be solved with the right application of machine learning solutions that were planned, built, and put into use in a unique way. In that case, the AWS Machine Learning certification was made to help solve those problems with the best possible answers.

Does it make sense for data scientists to pay for AWS Machine Learning?

Yes, if you work in data science, the AWS Machine Learning degree is worth it. Data science might not be your present job, but it’s what you want to do. If so, you might also want to think about this certificate.

Data science isn’t about gathering and storing data. Instead, it’s the art of getting useful information from large amounts of data.

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Machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence are all ways to use technology to sort through raw data, find the most interesting information, and turn it into useful results.

For data scientists, getting a qualification that marks you as an expert in putting machine learning workloads into action looks great on a resume.

You will speed up every part of your job by learning about machine learning and AWS.

Is it worth it for writers to pay for AWS Machine Learning?

Yes! Think about getting the AWS Machine Learning Certification if you’re working on a language or tool that uses big data sets.

The AWS Machine Learning certificate is a great investment if you work directly with software and application development, need access to huge amounts of data before making a custom solution, or use machine learning methods to drive your results.

One of the most important parts of the AWS Machine Learning certification is that it focuses on choosing the right models for specific machine learning problems or making solutions that fit business problems.

Employers and managers value the critical thinking part of the certification test because it teaches you how to use the AI and ML tools at your disposal to come up with solutions that save time and effort while giving high-quality results.

Is AWS Machine Learning worth it for a data analyst?

AWS Machine Learning might be useful for a data analyst, but only if they want to move up in their careers and take on more technical tasks or if they have the time and energy to learn all the parts of machine learning algorithms.

Some data scientists may find that the information in some parts of the exam is more valuable than the certificate.

Instead of trying to pass a test as specialised as AWS Machine Learning, it might make more sense for them to take a course that trains students for the exam and skip parts that are too technical or don’t apply to your job.

Is it worth it to use AWS machine learning?

It’s worth it to use AWS Machine Learning. It is a difficult, specialised qualification that shows how well a technical worker knows some of the most advanced parts of designing machine learning solutions and putting them into action with AWS.

If you’re sure you’ll never use AWS in your job in machine learning, you might want to look into another machine learning certification.

AWS Machine Learning is a good investment if you plan to get into big data, AI, and machine learning in a big way.

Using AWS Machine Learning to learn skills

The AWS Machine Learning certification test is difficult. Even among data scientists and machine learning writers with a lot of experience, few people can take the test without being ready.

It is also a new field that changes all the time. Because of this, studying for the AWS Machine Learning test is a great way to learn machine learning and AI skills.

Some people can pass the AWS Machine Learning exam by taking classes that teach them how to do well on the test.

The test itself is hard, and going through the exam objectives and deciding which parts of data engineering, exploratory analysis, modelling, and implementation you want to use in your job could be a way to learn the necessary machine learning skills.

Skills can be checked using AWS Machine Learning

If you can pass the AWS Machine Learning test, you can put it on your resume to show that you have a lot of technical information and can think critically.

Employers and managers know that it shows a deep understanding of machine learning methods, frameworks, and best practises, as well as the ability to turn that knowledge into solutions for the real world on AWS.

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What are the different AWS licences for machine learning?

Hands-On AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty 2023

To pass this test, you need to know more than just a lot about AWS and SageMaker. You also need to know a lot about machine learning and the details of feature engineering and model optimisation that aren’t usually taught in books or classrooms. You can’t do enough to get ready for that.

Frank Kane, who worked in machine learning for nine years at Amazon, teaches this course to help people get ready for certification.

Frank got a perfect score on this test the first time he took it, so he knows exactly what you need to do to do the same. Stephane Maarek is an AWS expert and a famous AWS Certification teacher on Udemy. He is also in this course with Frank.

In addition to the 10-hour video course, there is also a 30-minute practise test that covers the same topics and uses the same format as the real exam.

You’ll also get four hands-on labs where you can put what you’ve learned to use and learn more about model optimisation, feature engineering, and data engineering.

Price: ₦4,200


Specialisation in AWS Machine Learning (MLS-C01)

Developers and data scientists who want to show that they know how to use machine learning on the AWS platform can get the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty certification.

The courses in this path will teach you how to describe a business problem as a machine learning problem and then how to design, build, deploy, and manage machine learning solutions on the AWS platform.

The purpose of these lessons is to get you ready for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam.

In particular, the test looks at how well a candidate can design, build, launch, and keep up machine learning solutions.

This path covers the four main test domains: data engineering, exploratory data analysis, modelling, and machine learning application and operations.

This trial has important knowledge and resources that will help you prepare for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam.

Price: ₦4,200


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A Cloud Expert with WS Certified Machine Learning—Specialty 2023, 15 hours of training, and one practise test

The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty 2023 Video Training gives you great materials and hands-on tasks to help you study for the AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam.

This course will teach you:

The AWS Certified Machine Learning Specialty exam’s study areas
Best ways to use AWS tools and platforms for data engineering, data analysis, machine learning modelling, model validation, and rollout
Hands-on labs that test your creativity, intuition, and understanding of the AWS platform
With this course, you’ll learn about the services and platforms for machine learning projects that are available on AWS. You’ll also build the skills you need to pass the certification test and feel confident using the AWS ML portfolio in real-world applications.

Price: ₦3,500


Best AWS Certified Database Specialty 2023

The AWS Certified Database Specialty certification is one of their most difficult certifications. It’s a great way to see how well you understand AWS systems, how they work together, and how to fix problems.

We want YOU to pass the AWS Certified Database Specialty certification with flying colours.

This AWS Certified Database Specialty course is the first complete course on this new AWS qualification.

It goes into depth about everything that will be on the AWS Certified Database Specialty DBS-C01 exam.
It has a lot of information on how to use AWS databases both internally and publicly.
By doing something, we’ll learn.
It gives you advice on how to get ready for the AWS test.
It moves quickly and gets to the point.
All 550+ photos available as a downloadable PDF file
Price: ₦4,200



The course is for new developers and data scientists who want to learn the basics of AWS SageMaker and use it to solve hard problems in the real world.

It’s best to have a basic understanding of machine learning, Python code, and the AWS cloud.

Price: ₦4,500


YouTube is free.

On YouTube, there are a number of movies that explain ML’s basic ideas in depth and walk viewers through the whole ML lifecycle, showing them how to use Amazon SageMaker, Jupyter notebooks, and other tools.

People who don’t get to be as hands-on as they’d like might find videos like this helpful. You can also get a better idea of how ML engineers and data scientists use the user interface and user experience.


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What’s the point of learning AWS?

1) AWS is the public cloud with the most rapid growth in the world.

In 2006, AWS went live, and by 2007, there were about 180,000 workers using it. By 2015, AWS was making $6 billion a year in sales, and since then, sales have doubled and grown at an exponential rate.

AWS had a 7-year head start on similar competitors before they caught up, and since then, the team hasn’t slowed down. Every quarter, AWS’s growth keeps getting bigger.

2) AWS skills have been on the list of most-wanted skills since 2015.

The order of the day is to know which way the wind is moving and then keep up with the changes in the same direction. As of right now, it looks like the wind is moving into the AWS cloud.

Google trends show that companies around AWS are going to have a hard time finding people with the right skills. This is the way to go for professionals who want to make a lot of money.

With more than 350,000 jobs in the cloud that need to be filled, there is a huge chance for people who can show what they can do. AWS skills are at the top of the list of the skills that companies want most.

3) More businesses are moving their cloud services to AWS.

Small businesses aren’t the only ones moving quickly to the cloud. Retail businesses are also moving quickly to the cloud.

When companies move their services and apps to the cloud, they face many hurdles and problems. Cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and Google can do a lot of things automatically, but moving isn’t one of them.

This means that businesses need professional services from providers that are tailored to their needs. More and more people are looking for cloud pros who can handle migration projects in a safe and organised way.

For this, workers need to know a lot about the cloud platform they choose, such as AWS. If you become a Certified AWS Solutions Architect, you’ll be able to move an on-premises programme to the AWS cloud.

4) Jobs at AWS pay very well

Average pay for AWS qualified Solutions Architects – Associate Professionals is $121,292, which is over $13,000 more than the average pay for the top 15 IT qualified professionals.

In high-demand cities like Austin, San Francisco, Washington, or Boston, where AWS skills are in high demand, salaries are 25% higher than normal.

PayScale says that AWS cloud jobs that don’t involve being an architect pay less than engineer jobs. The jobs in the cloud that pay the most and can help professionals make the most money are:

The salary for an AWS Enterprise Cloud Architect is $138,051.
Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at AWS: $132,092

5) Reasonable prices and access to the AWS Free Tier for Learning

For one year, new professionals can make an AWS account and use the free tier to get hands-on experience with the technology.

Amazon RDS, Elastic Load Balancing, EC2, and S3 are all popular free AWS services. Each service has a certain amount of use that is free of charge.

This is enough to start learning AWS with. But AWS has an open pay-as-you-go system that lets beginners use these services based on how many hours they use and how much storage they need.


So, if you want to learn AWS and are serious about it, you should at least look at Learning Infrastructure as Code. It doesn’t take as much work as regular application writing, it could save you a lot of trouble, and it could give you the edge you need to get the job you want.

But if you’re just getting started, don’t feel bad if you’re only using the UI to build infrastructure on AWS. Just know that there are better ways to work with AWS and build a plan around them.

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