How to Get Nasty Gal Student Discount in 2023

Since its inception, Nasty Gal has remained steadfastly committed to the girl club.

They must keep every lady up to date on the current fashion trends while also providing comfortable, trendy, and affordable clothing.

However, clothing is not the only thing available at Nasty Gal. There are also various accessories and cosmetics products available.

If you want to improve your style and appearance at a minimal cost, Nasty Gal is a good option.

As you continue on, you’ll discover not just that Nasty Gal offers student discounts, but also how to get your own.

As an added bonus, the price is a whooping 55% off any order.

So it’s time to level up while also saving some money.

About Nasty Gal


specializes in fashion for younger women.

It is a fashion retailer for young women based in the United States.

Nasty Gal pulls its customers from more than 60 nations.

In 2006, Nasty Gal was founded by Sophia Amoruso; it was named “Fastest Growing Retailer” by INC Magazine in 2012.

The headquarters of Nasty Gal is in Los Angeles.

However, the BooHoo Group bought the company out of Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy Code in 2017.

Nasty Gal has been around for a long while and began with a single laptop and an eBay account.

It was started at a tiny San Francisco apartment full of killer vintage.

After thirteen years of operation, they outgrew that apartment, moved to LA, and are now bigger and better than ever.

Nasty Gal has a line of clothing, shoes, and accessories for women who know how to own it and are confident in their skin.

Its product line includes women’s clothes, purses, shoes, presents, beauty products, and sex toys.

What is the Nasty Gal Student Discount?

This is a 55% discount available to college students who are currently enrolled.

Most times, the discounts would vary in the value being offered. However, the range we’ve seen so far has between 20% to 60%.

The Nasty Gal student discount can be easily gotten through nasty Gal student discount UNiDays or Student Beans if you have an account there.

Although the clothes and accessories on Nasty Gal are already reasonably priced, Nasty Gal makes it easier for students through discounts.

Who is Eligible for this Discount?

All students who are currently enrolled at any college or university are eligible for the Nasty Gal student discounts.

You must be presently enrolled in college and have a university email address from your school.

There is no age restriction on who can take advantage of the Nasty Gal student discount.

All you need is your university email to register and get verified for the discount.

Is the Student Discount at Nasty Gal Available to All Students?

Student discounts are available at Nasty Gal, and they are open to all college or university students.

All you need is your university-issued email address to sign up for UNiDAYS or Student Beans.

That implies that the Nasty Gal student discount is open to all enrolled students.

This is regardless of whether they are studying part-time, full-time, or through a distance-learning course.

They have a valid university email address that can be used to prove their student status.

There is also no age restriction on who can take advantage of the Nasty Gal student discounts.

Are There Any Products that aren’t Eligible for the Nasty Gal Student Discount?

Your Nasty Gal student discount code can be applied to any full-price item on the site.

However, items already on sales promotions are not included.

Is it Possible to Combine my Nasty Gal Student Discount Code with Additional Discounts?

You can’t use your Nasty Gal student discount code in conjunction with any other Nasty Gal promo code.

Any other Nasty Gal discount coupon would have to be used alone and not in the same order.

The Nasty Gal student discount codes are only applied once per order.

How Much is the Nasty Gal Student Discount?

The Nasty Gal student discount varies from time to time, depending on the season and other promotions being offered.

Typically, it varies between 20% to 60% off on all product orders.

The NAsy Gal student discount is available at 55% on all your eligible orders.

How to Get the Nasty Gal Student Discount

Nasty Gal offers discounts through UNiDays and Student Beans.

Hence you must register and verify your identity through either of the two platforms.

If you are new to Student Beans or UniDays, here are websites that many companies and consumer brands use to offer discounts.

They verify your identity, and if you qualify, you will get your generated discount code displayed for you.

Simply follow the easy steps below to get your Nasty Gal discount:

  • First, visit the Nasty Gal student discount website, and click HERE.
  • You can choose between UNiDAYS and Student Beans as your preferred platform.

The discount is the same no matter which you choose.

  • Log in to your account or create one if you don’t already have one.
  • Click the get discount icon and make your own Nasty Gal discount code.
  • Copy and paste it at the Nasty Gal website or app checkout after shopping.

Your discount will be applied automatically, and your order total will be reduced according to the discount value.

How to Use the Nasty Gal Student Discount Code

Using your Nasty Gal code is simple as long as you have been able to generate the code as detailed above.

Once you have copied your code from either UNiDays or Student Beans, head to the Nasty Gal shopping page.

Select all the products and accessories you want to buy and add them to your cart.

When you’re done, click the cart icon and confirm all your orders.

Before making payment, paste the Nasty Gal promo code in the ‘Enter Promotions Code’ bar.

Click apply, and the discount will be applied to your order.

Does Nasty Gal have a student discount?

Yes, the student at Nasty Gal can get up to 55% in value for any full-priced products you want.

With the discounts, you can get the same products that are already fairly priced at an even cheaper rate. College or university students who are currently enrolled can participate in this discount.

All you need is your university-issued email address to sign up, get verified, and benefit from the scholarship.

Is legit?

Yes, is the legitimate website of the Nasty Gal clothing and accessories retailer.

On the site, you can find a listing of all their products, you can shop and make orders, and even obtain discounts too.

Also, if you are a student, you can get the Nasty Gal student discount to slash prices and raise your saving bar.

What products does Nasty Gal sell?

Nasty Gal has a wide assortment of goods at reasonable pricing too. From joggers and loungewear to lingerie, wedding guest outfits, caps, bags, and cosmetic products, there’s something for everyone. Whatever you’re looking for, Nasty Gal will most likely have it.

Are there Nasty Gal Coupons, Discounts, and Vouchers?

Yes, Nasty Gal offers discount codes and discounts throughout the year to help you save money.

Make sure you check out our discounts area at the top of the page for any new codes.
It’s a simple way to win big on your Nasty Gal clothing and accessories.

What sales does Nasty Gal have?

Whenever there is a major Nasty Gal sale, it is one of the best methods for students to obtain the best deals.

Each year, the big ones occur around the same time.
When you visit the official website at you will find the sales page worth checking out at any time of year.

It usually contains info about the exact timing of each Nasty Gal sale.
However, when there is an official sale, the best and biggest savings are available.
Remember that they also provide free returns, so it won’t be an issue if those jeans aren’t quite the proper size.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the Nasty Gal student discount. If you have a question or concern about Nasty Gal that we haven’t addressed, join our Facebook group, where a large community of offer-obsessed students like you.

What is the duration of the Nasty Gal sale?

The sale determines the length of the Nasty Gal sales. Occasionally, they have 48-hour flash sales, but larger events, such as Black Friday or Summer, may continue longer.
A permanent sales page is also available on the website.

Is there a Nasty Gal NHS discount?

Unfortunately, Nasty Gal does not currently provide an NHS discount.

But on the Nasty Gal promotions page, you can frequently find promotional offers.

For instance, there is currently a 30% off discount on all products on Nasty Gal.

Is there a discount at Nasty Gal?

Yes, when you sign up for StudentBeans or UniDays, you can get one of the special Nasty Gal discount coupons.

Besides the Nasty Gal discount coupons for students, you can also benefit from occasional discounts.


The Nasty Gal student discount is one of the best, especially for ladies who love to keep up with their fashion.

It isn’t only just available but also stands at a huge offering of 55% off the products you want to buy.

Without further ado, you should be on your way to getting this discount and saving as much money as possible while staying pretty.

Nasty gal discounts are available through Nasty Gal student discount UNiDays, or Student Beans.

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