How To Easily Apply For Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership “Batch 4”

Applicants for the Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership programme are asked to send in idea notes.

The Nasser Fellowship for International Leadership is thought to go well with Egypt’s ongoing efforts to play its role in promoting youth roles locally, regionally, continentally, and internationally. This is done by giving them all kinds of support, habilitation, and training, as well as giving them the power to take on leadership roles, so that their skills and ideas can be used. President El-Sisi said that at every World Youth Forum he has been to.

The Nasser Leadership Fellowship is also one of the ways that the World Youth Forum, Egypt Vision 2030, the 10 principles of the Afro-Asian People’s Solidarity Organization, Africa Agenda 2063, the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, South-South Cooperation, the African Union Roadmap through Investment in Youth, the African Youth Charter, and the principles of the Non-Aligned Movement are put into action. As an example, the Fellowship gives both men and women the same chance, which is what Goal 5 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals says should happen.

The Fellowship also wants to give young people more power and give people from different parts of the world the chance to connect and work together in different areas, both on the continent and internationally, as the 17th Goal says.

The goals for “Batch 4”

  • Egypt’s long history of setting up and building state institutions will be shared.
  • Getting AFCFTA up and running faster
  • Getting the Global South Partnership up and running
  • Combine the plans for peace and security for young people and women.
  • Bringing up a new crop of young leaders from the Non-Aligned States who share the South South Partnership’s goals.
  • Getting more people to understand the Non-Aligned Movement’s past and future roles.
  • Putting the Youth Network of Non-Aligned Movement Members NYN to work.
  • Bringing together the most powerful young leaders from around the world.

The front desk and rooms

The Ministry of Youth and Sports will pay for everything, including full housing, local transportation, certificates, tourist sites, and a PCR test that must be done 48 hours before leaving Egypt.
The participants will pay for their own plane tickets, visas, and PCR tests 48 hours before they go to Egypt.

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The African Youth Bureau’s policy on integration says that every two participants from different countries will be put in double rooms. This is to make sure that Fellowship participants meet each other and get to know each other.

Groups to Reach

The Fellowship is for 150 young world leaders from all over.
Decision-makers in the public and private sectors, volunteers, actors, national youth council actors, civil society activists, heads of national youth councils, members of local municipalities, young politicians, university teaching staff, researchers in political and humanitarian fields, members of syndicates, journalists and media professionals, international and continental humanitarian agencies, social entrepreneurs, etc.
Place and time of planting
Egypt (May 30 to June 17, 2023)

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Deadline: Ongoing Opportunity

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