How To Easily Apply and Qualify for AquayaLEARN Fellowship Program in Kenya & Ghana


Are you a master’s or doctoral student in public health, environmental resources management, or urban planning at a university in Kenya or Ghana? You’re really interested in using science and technology to solve big problems in development?

Are you looking for a chance to work with top researchers who are working to make sure Africa has safe drinking water and better sanitation? If you said yes to all of the above, you should apply to The Aquaya Institute right away for a three-month study fellowship.

The Aquaya Institute (Aquaya) is an independent, non-profit study and consulting group that works to make sure that water and sanitation in places with few resources are safe, fair, and sustainable.

Fellows will receive the following support:

  • full coverage of travel expenses (including one-round trip to Nairobi and all research-related travel)
  • a stipend for lodging and additional living expenses.

Their goal is to improve public health by making it harder for diseases to spread through water. Aquaya was started in 2005 to help development agencies, governments, and implementing organisations do thorough research, experiments, and evaluations in a reliable and flexible way.

Aquaya has finished projects in over 20 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America in the fields of public health, economics, technology development, and social entrepreneurship. They have written or helped write more than 40 peer-reviewed study articles and many other reports and books.

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Fellows will work out of an office in Nairobi or Accra and get the following help: Coverage of travel costs, such as a one-way trip to Nairobi or Accra and all travel linked to research.A payment for housing and other costs of living
Visit Aquaya Institute to find out more.

DEADLINE: 15th April, 2023

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