How To Apply For Paradise Wildlife Park Grants Program 2023

It is with great pleasure that we announce the availability of five short-term grants for conservation efforts located all over the globe.

Donor Name: Paradise Wildlife Park

Country: Global

Type of Grant: Grant

Deadline: 06/30/2023

Size of the Grant: £1000


Information Regarding Funding

Maximum amount attainable £1000 per project


The financing is only available for one year and is contingent on meeting the following criteria:
The organisation’s headquarters need to be located in a country where the species can be found.
The initiative needs to clearly demonstrate why it is important for the conservation of the focal species.

Co-funding is not required for the initiative, so go ahead and pursue it.
Students and researchers are eligible to receive funding for fieldwork, but the task must first demonstrate its value to the conservation effort.

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The funding will not be able to handle the cost of tuition.

At the conclusion of the project year, the organisation is obligated to deliver material of a high standard along with a report.
The project cannot begin any later than October 2023 and cannot continue for longer than one year.

We give preference to projects that contribute to an activity that is sustainable over the long term.

Go to Paradise Wildlife Park if you want to learn more about something.

Deadline: 30th June 2023


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