How To Apply For NileWell Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program 2023

InfoNile, in partnership with the Nile Basin Capacity Building Network Foundation, the IHE-Delft Institute for Water Education, and the JRS Biodiversity Foundation, is looking for applicants for the first Nile Basin Scientist-Journalist Co-Production Fellowship Program, which will be held on the NileWell platform.

InfoNile is in charge of setting up this programme. InfoNile is a group of geojournalists from different countries whose goal is to find important stories about water problems in the Nile River Basin through data-driven, multi-media reporting. InfoNile is a project of Water Journalists Africa, which is the biggest group of journalists in Africa who write about water.

The NileWell platform is used for this programme. NileWell is a new online platform from InfoNile, and its major goal is to bring together journalists and scientists in the Nile Basin. The programme is being run with the help of the Nile Basin Capacity Building Network Foundation and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. It is being paid for by the JRS Biodiversity Foundation and the IHE Delft Water and Development Partnership Programme.

The goal of the co-production programme is to make it easier for scientists, the media, and people in the Nile Basin, such as local communities, people and groups working in the fields of water and environmental protection, and policymakers, to talk to each other.

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This programme also wants to make it easier for scientists and journalists who work in or around areas related to water to work together so that the media can learn more about science and research. Scientists and writers will work together to make science easier for each other and the public to understand, learn about, and be interested in.

Journalists interested in water and the environment, as well as scientists and researchers from different fields working on topics related to water and/or the environment, such as climate change, biodiversity, water quality, WASH (water, sanitation, and hygiene), water infrastructure, hydrology, and social sciences in the Nile Basin countries, are welcome to apply for this program, which runs from May to December 2023.

About the Meeting

During the fellowship program, 16 people will be chosen (8 journalists and 8 scientists). They will be taught how to write on biodiversity, cross-border water resources, science journalism, science communication, and data journalism.

This programme will start with a residential workshop for scientists and journalists to learn how to work together well. There will also be online training and mentoring sessions on specific topics, projects where scientists and journalists work together to create communication outputs, and events where scientists and journalists can show off their work to the public.

During the program, members will then work together to make stories, podcasts, Twitter threads, blog posts, short videos, MoJo videos, and other forms of communication based on the scientists’ work.
Criteria for eligibility

Through the NileWell platform, InfoNile is asking journalists and scientists in the Nile Basin countries (Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Egypt, Sudan, South Sudan, DRC, Ethiopia, and Rwanda) to apply for a fellowship programme that will run from May to December 2023 and include training, mentoring, and coproduction of communication outputs based on scientific research.

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A professional writer interested in writing about the science of water
Scientists and researchers from different fields who work on water and/or environment-related issues
Visit InfoNile to find out more.

Deadline: 10th April 2023


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