How To Apply For Halcyon Food & Agtech in Africa Intensive Fellowship

Halcyon has put out the call for applications for the Halcyon Food & Agtech in Africa Intensive Fellowship. This programme is for entrepreneurs with new ideas that can help farms make a living and give the poorer people more access to good food.

The focus of this fellowship is on projects that are shaking up the food and farm industries. Fellows will get workshops, access to advisors and teachers, and more thanks to their partners at Amazon Web Services, S&R Evermay, and HR Sage.

The training will be done in a hybrid way, with three online meetings, a one-week in-person residency at Halcyon, and a one-week in-person residency in Nairobi.

What the programme does

A $5,000 USD equity-free stipend per company to pay for travel to the residencies.
One week at Halcyon’s grounds in Georgetown, Washington, DC.
One week in Nairobi, with a final event that includes pitches from each business and contacts to investors, advisors, and the media.
Free classes focused on getting people ready to invest and putting them in touch with the right impact investors
Practice telling stories and making pitches
Access to free legal help, the chance to learn new skills, and guidance
Credits worth $25,000 USD for the Amazon Cloud
Join a group of more than 300 businesses who want to make a difference.

Criteria for eligibility

To be eligible for this fellowship, you must live in and/or have your business based in an African Union country. You must also be the CEO or have primary decision-making power over the development and management of your business. You must be able to work full-time on your business during the residency phases (August 21–25, 2023 in Washington, DC, and November 13–17, 2023 in Nairobi). You must also be able to attend monthly meetings and residency programmes.

To be eligible for this fellowship, your venture: Must be an original idea of the applicant(s); Must be in the food and/or agriculture sectors; Must be at the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) stage; Must be an independent or autonomous venture that is not run by an existing organisation; Must have plans for a sustainable business model to make money by selling a core product or service; Must be a for-profit or hybrid venture whose main goal is to c.
Criteria for choosing

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Impact. The most successful applicants show that their business will have a big impact. They look for impact in two ways: how important the core product or service is, and how scalable the model is to make this influence more widespread.
Problem/Solution. Does your project point out a real, urgent problem and offer a good way to fix it? Strong applications clearly and narrowly describe a problem and then describe a way to fix the problem.
Sustainability. They are looking for new social ventures that make an effect by selling a core product or service.
Execution. The application is their first chance to meet you, so make a good impression. Applicants who are chosen have a big picture but also pay close attention to the details.
Innovation. How does your solution to a problem vary from what is already being done? What makes you different? They like bold ideas that shake up the status quo and help solve 21st century problems. Think big!
Talent. Have you got what it takes to make your business work? Strong applicants show vision, intelligence, grit, and the ability to see things through to the end.

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