How To Apply and Qualify For NWAG Female Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

Nigeria Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) Female Undergraduate Scholarship for 2023. The NWAG scholarship is available to female Nigerian students attending any Nigerian institution of higher education.

The Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) intends to award 37 NWAG Undergraduate Scholarships, which are one-time awards.

It is anticipated that one scholarship per state of origin and one scholarship for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) will be awarded to Nigerian female undergraduate students enrolled in Nigerian universities or tertiary institutions. Each runner-up would receive a total of One Hundred and Fifty United States Dollars ($150).

Each year, the Nigerian Women Association of Georgia (NWAG) awards undergraduate female Nigerian students with scholarships to Nigerian universities.
These NWAG scholarships are awarded in the amount of $300 per applicant, one per state of origin and one for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Eligible Levels/Fields of Study

NWAG Undergraduate Scholarship is available to undergraduate students pursuing any field of study.

Host Nation

The NWAG Undergraduate Scholarship will be held in Nigeria in 2023.

Eligible Countries

Only Nigerian scholars are eligible for the NWAG Undergraduate Scholarship 2023.

Participating Establishments:

Any recognised Nigerian University or higher education institution.
However, there are numerous international scholarships available to students in any country.

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Each undergraduate student at a Nigerian university who receives the 2023 Scholarship Award will receive $300 USD.
Each runner-up would receive one hundred and fifty U.S. dollars (USD $150).
The scholarship will be awarded in the equivalent of Naira.
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Qualification for the NWAG Scholarship

The aspirant must be a Nigerian woman enrolled in an undergraduate programme at a Nigerian university and must be fluent in English. The following must be included in all applications:

State of Origin Documentation – Letter of Origination from the university or a letter from your local government office.
Two recommendation letters from any two of the following: Pastor/Imam of the church/mosque, Head of the village, Chairman of the local government, or one of your lecturers.
One Recommendation Letter from the Dean of your Faculty/School or your Department Head.”
Photocopy of your current university student ID
A photograph of yourself taken recently.
A two-page typed, double-spaced, easy-to-read paper titled, “Curbing the abduction epidemic in Nigeria: How did we get here? “How can kidnapping in Nigeria be eradicated?”

Prior Essay Subjects

2015: “Which Nigerian system, such as educational, political, health care, or financial, do you believe, if altered, would have the greatest positive impact on Nigerians, and why?”
What impact do frequent Nigerian teacher strikes have on student academic performance and learning in 2014?
How could we enhance the health care system in Nigeria for women, children, and adolescents in 2013?
2012: “Our youth’s education is compromised by frequent strikes and school closures.” “If you were the first female president of Nigeria, how would you approach situations differently than President Jonathan and all the previous presidents?”

Application Instructions for NWAG Undergraduate Scholarship 2023

Typically, NWAG Undergraduate Scholarship applications are submitted online. Download Form for Application

NWAG will accept applications once they have been completed.
Email The subject line of the email should read Applicant’s Name and Origin State.

“Curbing the kidnapping epidemic in Nigeria: How did we arrive at this point?” “How can kidnapping in Nigeria be eradicated?”

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Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted. Applications cannot be faxed or delivered by hand.
For complete details, please consult the official website (link provided below).
Applications that are incomplete or contain evidence of plagiarism will be disqualified. All insufficient applications will be denied.
All submissions must be in either PDF or Word format.
Open to applicants worldwide: No (ONLY Nigerians)

Submission Deadline

May 31st, 2023.

Note that both the Application Form and the Application Process are free! Do not send or include any money with your application.


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