How To Apply and Qualify For Global Africa Translation Fellowship Program 2024

As part of its African Languages and Translation Program, The Africa Institute is accepting applications for the fourth group of the Global Africa Translation Fellowship for the year 2024.

The fellowship lets people from all over the Global South apply for a grant of up to $5,000 to translate works from Africa and its diaspora into English or Arabic. This is a non-residential fellowship that lets the expert do the work somewhere other than The Africa Institute. (Sharjah, UAE).

The goal of the programme is to get important books about Africa and the African diaspora into the hands of more people around the world.


The fellowship gives between $1,000 and $5,000, based on how good the project is and how big it is.
Some of the chosen projects may be retranslations of old, famous texts, works that have never been translated before, or collections of poetry, prose, or critical theory. The project can be one that is already in progress or a new one that can be finished in the time frame of the money.


  • All applications will be looked at by the professors and research fellows at The Africa Institute. The people who get the money will be chosen based on the quality of their proposals and how well they have shown they can finish the job. The money will be given out in two equal parts.
  • The first half of the money will be sent when the project starts, and the second half will be sent when the project is done. The Africa Institute needs to get a copy of the version only for its own records. The translation won’t be printed or used for anything else unless the awardee agrees to it.

Applicants have to include

  • A two-page CV or resume that lists the organisation the person works for, their education, including their highest degree, and their most important publications or works.
  • A two-page explanation of the translation that will be done during the fellowship time, including why the work is important, why a re-translation might be necessary, and when it will be done. The project could be one that is already in progress or a new one that fits into the grant’s time range.
  • A 4–5-page (double-spaced) sample of the source text(s) and the translation.
  • A description of how the work is protected: If the work is not in the public domain, please include a copy of the copyright notice from the original text and a letter from the owner of the rights saying that English language rights to the work are available.

Visit The Africa Institute to find out more.

Deadline: 1st June 2023



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