How To Apply and Qualify for European Digital Mindset Awards 2023


The Digital Enterprise Show is currently accepting applications for its European Digital Mindset Awards 2023. These awards are intended to recognise the most innovative projects, leadership, and digital transformation cases.

Eligible candidates must demonstrate a disruptive and innovative approach to IT Management, new digital business models, management experience, and a socially and responsibly oriented business approach.

Every single business paradigm that currently exists is being disrupted by technological advancements. However, the emphasis on strategy, leadership, and the customer experience has taken precedence as primary components necessary for any organisation to achieve success in digital transformation.


The business that is the best at accelerating performance and achieving outstanding results based on digital transformation models is the winner of the award for Best Digital Transformation Enterprise.

The most inspiring and influential piece of media is the piece of journalism that best describes the extraordinary effect that the digital transformation has had on society as a whole, a particular industry, or a specific business.

The best marketing campaign is one that uses the right proportion of different digital channels to achieve the greatest possible effect and level of success.
Best Digital Accelerator in the Public Sector: The Best Digital Accelerator in the Public Sector is one that is able to respond to difficulties through digital transformational execution.

The award for the “Best Digital Project Oriented Towards Sustainability” will go to the project that is best oriented to accomplish the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined in the 2030 Agenda.

Prizes in the following categories will be presented to the winners of the European Digital Mindset Awards: All of the individuals who came in second place in their respective categories will receive two invitations to the awards gala dinner.

A trophy that serves as recognition for the won division.Recognition in the media as well as dissemination of the award through all platforms associated with the DES | Digital Enterprise Show and our Media Partners.

Awards Organizer

DES | Digital Enterprise Show is the company that is responsible for organising as well as owning the European Digital Mindset Awards.
The Criteria for Eligibility

All companies, universities, vendors, executives, business schools, academics, researchers, analysts, journalists, start-ups, scale-ups, accelerators, science and tech parks, innovation centers, and so on from around the globe are eligible to enter the European Digital Mindset Awards.

The DES2023 | Digital Enterprise Show Evaluation Committee extends a cordial invitation to any and all organisations that have been determined to be working towards this objective to present their proposals.

At the DES2023 ‘Call for Awards,’ there are no limits placed on the number of submissions that can be submitted by participants. DES is of the opinion that all organizations, regardless of size or industry, should tackle their digital transformations head-on and get themselves prepared for the global digital economy.

However, entrants should be aware that their submissions cannot include any material that could be considered threatening, abusive, defamatory, or false. If this is the case, the organiser retains the unrestricted authority to eliminate the submission without providing the author with any prior warning.

Evaluation Criteria

The ‘Evaluation Committee’ of the DES | Digital Enterprise Show will review all of the proposals that have been submitted in terms of the effect that they have had within the framework of: InnovationLeadershipDisruptionStrategyExecution
Please contact Digital Enterprise Show if you require any additional information.


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