Global CFO Excellence Awards Nominations 2023

Acquisition International is excited to say that the Global CFO Excellence Awards are coming back for the seventh year in a row.

The Global CFO Excellence Awards will recognise CFOs who go above and beyond their jobs and show a level of innovation and drive that can’t be beat.

It is the CFO’s job to make future business choices based on how the market and customers are changing. Because of this, the people at Acquisition International have decided to honour these people. In industries where CFOs are often overlooked, they have decided to bring attention to the hard work of the best CFOs and thank them for it.

Today’s CFO is a strategic powerhouse whose job is to keep the CEO and owners informed about problems and give advice on how to shape future business plans. The CFO has a very complicated job where the most important skill is being able to look ahead. The CFO affects all levels of a company and is therefore essential for making sure good business practises are followed.

Since when has Acquisition International been in print?

Acquisition International has been around for nine years, and in that time it has grown a lot. It is now read by 108,000 people in more than 170 countries. AI is a monthly magazine that aims to inform, entertain, shape, and impact the corporate conversation around the world.

They hope to do this with a mix of high-quality writing, thorough study, and a worldwide network of experienced, dedicated advisors, experts, and writers. Acquisition International is one of the many magazines published by AI Global Media, a UK-based company that has put out more than 200 issues since 2010.


Step 1: Find candidates Nominees come from the online nomination form, which is filled out by magazine subscribers, internet visitors, people who follow them on social media, clients, and the general public.

People who want to put forward names can put forward their own business or colleagues within their own business, as well as businesses from outside their own business.Acquisition International is part of the publishing company AI Global Media, and the publishers also put forward names for consideration.

Step 2: Rate the candidates All of the people who officially accept their nomination will be asked if they want to send in more evidence to support their case.They look at the materials that nominees send them, the information about those companies that is online, and any information that was sent with the original nomination.

Step 3: Do some research and decide The highlighted study team will look at all the information given to decide who the winners are.The team gathers information on its own from a variety of public sources.


They will also look at the information provided by the nominees and the people who put them forward in the first place.They will make their final decision based on a number of factors, such as customer loyalty, new ideas, business growth, longevity, online image, customer feedback, and how well the business does.

Step 4: Get in touch with and tell the winners Each winner will be called directly once the winners have been chosen.Details about these winners won’t be made public until Acquisition International announces them on its website and in a magazine for award winners.

Step 5: Tell people about it They want all of the winners to tell the people on their own that they won.A great way to get as much attention as possible from such a great accomplishment is to talk about it on business websites, social media, in public press releases, and in local and national news outlets.

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Deadline: 20th April 2023.




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