Ford Student Discount 2024 | Get Discounts While Purchasing Ford

The Ford Student Discount is your surefire way to get a new car. Sign up for this discount now and get $500 off your purchase. Unfortunately, many students often need help finding the down payment, as you’ll need to cough up a lump sum at once.

Given that, through its student discount program, Ford has provided a way out.

Firstly, confirm that you are eligible for the discount. You can visit any Ford dealership and request the discount registration form if you are.

Contrarily, you can register online and upload the required documents for verification. Upon successful verification, you will then receive your bonus for purchase.

We’ve outlined the step-by-step procedure to walk you through everything in this post.

Let’s begin and ensure you get your discount on any Ford car you want.

What is Ford Student Discount?

The Ford student discount is a program from Ford to aid college students in acquiring a new car.

This offer is available to both current students and recent graduates.

If you choose to buy a new car, you can get a $750 bonus cash, or if you take a lease, you get a $500 bonus.

The Ford student discount program was created because of the high tuition costs, books for students, and transportation needs.

The down payment is typically the most challenging aspect of acquiring a new automobile for students.

This program aims to solve that issue and help you out.

You will receive a $500 cash bonus on your Ford credit card once you have demonstrated your eligibility to benefit from the program.

Then you can use Ford’s financing to purchase or lease a new Ford car, providing you with additional perks.

What Can You Benefit from the Ford Student Discount?

So you’re young, and you’ll have the internet, and you’ve seen a lot of smooth cars and pictures.

Do you have your dream car or want to get one now?

But you must lower your bar again on the desired features whenever you check the prices.

The Ford student discount gives you a lofty start, where you can own your car without any hassles.

A Ford can be the ideal car, and you can get one quickly with a $750 or $500 bonus incentive.

In addition to the incentive, you also get great rates while you make total payments.

How to Benefit from the Ford College Student Purchase Program?

To benefit from the Ford student discount, you must fill out the application form and prove your status as an eligible student.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access your bonus for the car.

This price cut benefits students since paying the total price will be daunting.

Also, this allows Ford to match your down payment on a new Ford vehicle up to $500.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss exactly how to get the discount.

Ford Military Discount

You might be wondering whether there is a Ford Military Discount; the answer is yes!

Ford offers a military discount of $500 bonus cash exclusively for active-duty military personnel, retired and veteran members, spouse/surviving spouse, and other household members.

This special offer is valid for purchasing or leasing an eligible new Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

For eligibility and detailed details, consult the dealer. Find out more by visiting the Ford website.

Who is Eligible for the Ford Student Discount?

Although this is a student discount, not all types of students are eligible for the offer.

Below we’ve given a list of the students who can obtain the Ford student discount.

Category of Eligible Students: 

To be eligible for the Ford student discount, the student must be one of the following:

  • Currently enrolled in a college or university as an undergrad
  •  A current graduate school student
  •  Recent college graduate students
  •  High school graduates
  •  Trade School Apprenticeship students
  •  Medical Student Residency students

Active college/trade school students:

The student must be enrolled full-time or at least half-time in an accredited university, college, or trade school.

However, this depends on the school’s requirements for students.

Any accredited four-year college or university, Junior College, Community College, or Trade School is eligible.

Active Graduate Students:

For this, you should be currently enrolled in a Graduate School program that has been accredited.

Recent College Graduates:

Recent college graduates are also eligible for the offer.

Here, you are to apply within three years of your graduation date.

So, for instance, if you graduated on May 6, 2020, you will be eligible until May 31, 2023.

Highschool Graduates: 

Seniors or recent graduates of high school are eligible too.

However, you must have written a letter of intent to attend a qualifying university.

To qualify for an anticipated or future graduation date, the student must have fulfilled all graduation requirements.

Furthermore, you should be able to present a Letter of Intent to attend a suitable university.

Category of Ineligible Students:

The following students cannot benefit from the Ford student discount.

  • Students who are enrolled for less than halftime of study.

Doing less than halftime disqualifies you from qualified colleges, universities, or trade schools.

  • Certificates of completion of a single course.

Courses for on-the-job training need to be more qualified.

Sales training, teaching certificates, professional designations, and adult education courses.

  • English as a second language courses does not qualify.

How to Get the Ford Student Discount

The Ford student discount is a must-have if you want a great car at a low price.

You’re only four simple actions away from driving a brand-new Ford at a terrific price.

Below are the steps you’d take to get a discount on Ford cars:

  • Confirm your eligibility

Check to see if you are eligible for the Ford Student discount program.

  • Fill out the online eligibility form.

If you are eligible, you should fill out the form at You can fill this out at any Ford dealership as well.

  • Check your inbox to get your certificate.

Also, you will receive a confirmation and a certificate after a successful registration.

  • Start shopping for your vehicle.

You can use your certificate to shop at any certified dealer or online.

Ford Student Discount | Application Requirements

You’ll need to fill out the form to get the student discount.

This section will walk you through what you must apply and all the necessary documentation.

For example, proof of full-time or half-time attendance status from an approved college is necessary.

Bring documentation from your school to prove this.

The following are some examples of acceptable documentation:

  • A copy of your diploma
  •  Final Transcript Letter from the Registrar’s Office
  •  A copy of your current class schedule
  •  Letter from the registrar’s office confirming your graduation date and degree earned
  •  A signed, dated letter of intent confirms enrollment is only valid for six months.

Note: An original component of the given documents must include your full name and school name.


How to Get Ford Student Discount | Frequently Asked Questions

Does Ford have family and friends discounts?

Ford Company employee and family discount programs apply to all Ford vehicles.
However, they can only provide the code to a non-family member once.
In addition, Ford also offers a “Friends & Neighbors” program on occasion.
This lets any buyer take advantage of the X plan discount.

Does Ford have a family and friends discount?

Yes, Ford introduced the Ford Friends and Family Discount in 2018.
It allows you to save money on Ford vehicles.

Ford has scaled through as a firm with the offer of major value-added services as its competitive advantage. Among such services is caring, personalized customer service, and lots more.

What is Ford’s A and Z Plan?

Employees, retirees, and their immediate family members can save the most money on new cars on the Ford A and Z planes.

Ford Motor Company car with the New Vehicle Purchase Plan for Corporate Employees (A Plan & Z Plan). The two plans are the best value on a new Ford or Lincoln because they have the same rates and terms.

What is the Ford student discount?

If you’re a college student or recent graduate, Ford Credit will give you a $500 rebate when you buy or lease a new Ford vehicle. This offer is available to both current students and recent graduates.

What documents do I need for the Ford student discount?

The following are accepted documents to use for the Ford student discount:
– A copy of your diploma
– Final Transcript Letter from the Registrar’s Office
– A copy of your current class schedule
– Letter from the registrar’s office confirming your graduation date and degree earned
– A signed, dated letter of intent confirms enrollment is only valid for six months.

Does Ford offer a Student Discount? 

Yes, and yes. Ford offers students to college students, trade school students, and even recent graduates. With a special incentive of $500 or $750 on purchasing, you can get your dream car at a cheap rate.


The Ford student discount program is incredibly helpful to students who would like to get a car.

If you want a car now or shortly, you should consider this incentive as it saves you a good amount.

A $500 or $750 rebate is no change, especially if starting with a simple, modest car.

With this information, you should be ready for the next steps in driving your new wheels.

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