Best Cheap Online Health Care Administration/Management Bachelor Degree Programs 2023

Who is a person in charge of health care?

Health managers are the people in charge of making sure a hospital or other healthcare organisation runs smoothly.

As leaders in a field that combines health policy, business, and science to manage financial and human resources, healthcare managers are in charge of making the business of healthcare better. This work always starts with good policies and great care for patients.

A health manager can work for a large health care company or hospital system and be in charge of multiple sites at the same time. They can also choose to work on a smaller scale, like running a group of medical practices, a single medical practice, or a certain area in a hospital system.

Without further ado, let’s talk about what a health care leader has to do.

What does a person in charge of health care do?

Healthcare administration graduates usually take on leadership roles in healthcare organisations and work with medical staff to plan, organize, and improve the delivery of healthcare services.

So, graduates get the information and skills they need to keep their jobs as managers and supervisors in Medicare facilities.

Administrators of health care can work in the following jobs.

Manager of medical and health service
Technician of health data and health information
Manager of human resources
Manager of training and growth
They usually work in hospitals, care homes, organisations that help people with mental health issues, and drug companies.

Now that you know what health managers do, let’s take a look at what you need to do to get ordained for these jobs.

How to become a manager in the health care field

Some general requirements must be met before you can become a manager or executive in the health care field. To become a healthcare supervisor, you need to go to school and get work experience.

Administrators of health care usually need at least a bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s programme in health care management can be taken online.

Healthcare managers who want to lead in a healthcare centre at a higher level can choose to get a master’s degree. At the master’s level, students can choose between an online Master of Science (MS) in Healthcare Administration or a Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA).

Bachelor’s Degrees in Health Care Administration and Management that are Cheap to Get Online

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Here is a list of the top 10 most cheap online bachelor’s programmes in healthcare administration and management.

#10 Brigham Young University in Idaho

Brigham Young University-Idaho (BYUI) has one online college Health Care Administration/Management degree: a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. This degree is offered through the Department of Health, Recreation and Human Performance (DHRHP), which is part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. (BSHA).

Students in the programme learn what it takes to be a leader or manager at a healthcare facility or to go on to graduate school in a similar field. The university is part of the well-known Brigham Young University system.

BYU is the biggest private college in the state right now. In 2016, a few more students signed up for online classes than for on-campus courses. (about 33,000 versus 32,000).

For graduation, a student must earn at least 120 points. This includes 62 credits for courses in the Major, 40 credits for courses in the Foundation, and 18 credits for other classes. The program, which can be done entirely online, takes four years and eight semesters. Each semester is 14 weeks long, except for the summer, which is only seven weeks long.

Medical Terminology, Hospital and Health Administration, Epidemiology, Healthcare Strategy, and Health Economics are some examples of classes.

#9 Columbia College

The Business Administration Department at Columbia College (CC) offers two online bachelor’s degrees in Health Care Administration/Management: a Healthcare Management (HCM) Major as either

Getting a BA in Business Administration (BABA)
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA)
Students in both programmes learn what it takes to be a boss at a health care facility.

To get these online HCM degrees, you need at least 120 hours. General Education classes are worth 38–41 credits, while business core requirements are worth 51 credits. In the BABA version, there is a group of courses called “Major Requirements” that has 18 credits and is where HCM courses are taken.

For the BSBA version, the HCM courses are taken as 21 points of Business Electives. The gap is made up by general electives. Healthcare delivery methods, regulations, technology, and other topics are covered in HCM courses. There are dozens of Columbia College sites in more than 10 states and Guantanamo Bay that offer these programmes.

Some examples of studies are “The Economics of Healthcare,” “Introduction to Healthcare Management,” “Legal and Ethical Aspects of Healthcare,” “Organizational Theory,” “Human Resource Management,” and “Biomedical Ethics.”

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#8 The South Texas College

South Texas College (STC) has an online Bachelor of Applied Technology (BAT) in Medical and Health Services Management degree in Health Care Administration and Management. (MHSM).

It takes students from a wide range of health-related associate degree programs, such as Nursing, Business Administration, EMT Paramedic, Health Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Medical Assistant Technology, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Pharmacy Technology, Physical Therapist Assistant, Radiologic Technology, and Respiratory Therapy. Students at some Texas high schools can take classes at STC and get credit for both.

This online BAT needs 120 credits to graduate. This includes 45 credits of MHSM courses (both required and optional), 33 credits of Technical Support Area courses, and 42 credits of General Education courses. Students who have an associate’s degree or other transfer credits that are good enough can get up to 90 of these credits towards the 120 needed.

Students learn the skills and information they need to work in jobs that require them to know about health care systems management, reimbursement, electronic medical records, legal issues, the roles and responsibilities of medical staff, privacy, and more.

Sample courses: U.S. Health Care Delivery, Statistics for Health Care Managers, Communication for Health Care Professionals, Legal Issues in Health Care, and Financial Management for Health Care Managers.

#7 Central Florida University

The University of Central Florida’s College of Health and Public Affairs (CHPA) offers two online bachelor’s degrees in Health Care Administration and Management:

A Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management and Informatics (BSHIIM)
Bachelor of Science in Administration of Health Services (BSHSA)
The HSA prepares students for entry-level management jobs in health care organizations, while the HIIM prepares students for administrative roles in handling health care information.

The 2017 version of the “Best Online Programs: Bachelor’s” college review list from U.S. News & World Report ranks UCF’s online programmes. News and World Report.

Both of UCF’s online HCAM programmes require 120 credits to graduate, and one or more Summer classes are a part of that. Both programmes demand that you do a Capstone project and an internship. The Cornerstone requirement is also a part of the HIIM programme. Before they can join the HSA program, students must finish some requirements. Courses for each programme are available online, but not every course in every programme is always available online.

Sample courses: U.S. Health Care Systems, Health Care Finance, Long-Term Care and Administration, Health Care Economics, and Principles of Healthcare Reimbursement.

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#6 South Dakota University

The Beacom School of Business (BSOB) at the University of South Dakota (USD) offers one online college Health Care Administration/Management degree: a Bachelor of Business Administration with a focus in Health Services Administration. (BBA-HSA). Students get an education that teaches them both business skills and how to run a health care centre.

The university has been on a number of “best colleges” and “best national universities” lists, such as the U.S. News and World Report’s. News & World Report (USNWR), Princeton Review, Forbes, etc., and programme-specific scores. (Health Sciences, Business, Education, etc.). From 2014 to 2016, the Military Times picked USD as a Best for Vets school, and in 2017, Victory Media called it a Military Friendly School.

To graduate from the USD online HSA program, you need 120 points, 48 of which are for the Major, 30 for General Education, and the rest for Electives or other requirements. Students in this programme start out as general business students and finish the standards for both general core and core business.

After that, they can apply for the BBA programme. Most Major courses are online, but there are a few that are on-campus or otherwise need you to be there in person. (e.g., a Practicum). Some courses are only offered in the Fall term. The main business classes can also be taken online.

Health Service Systems, Health Service Management and Epidemiology, Health Service Financing, Health Service Administration and Policy, and Health Care Law are some examples of classes.

#5: Granite State College

Granite State College (GSC) has two online bachelor’s degrees in Health Care Administration and Management:

Health Care Management Bachelor of Science (BSHCM)
BS Information Management in Health Care (BSHIM)
In the HCM degree, students learn the skills they need to be managers or leaders in healthcare organisations. Students in HIM learn how to organise and make sense of data. The combination of these and other online programmes at GSC won it a spot on the “USNWR 2017 Best Online Programs: Bachelor’s” list of colleges reviewed by U.S. News & World Report. Reports and News (USNWR).

For the online BSHCM and BSHIM programmes at GSC, you need 120 points to graduate. Each programme’s syllabus is made up of courses in the Major, courses in General Education, and courses in the Electives. Some courses can only be taken online, while others can also be taken on campus.

To switch to a different degree programme like the BS Individualized Studies (BSIS), all you have to do is talk to an admissions counsellor about the credits you might be able to move. BSIS lets you choose a Major that fits your needs, like Health Care Administration. Students must get approval from their department for the field they want to choose.

Some examples of courses are The Emerging U.S. Health Care System, Reimbursement and Financing Techniques in Health Care, Law and Ethics for Health Care and Human Services, Community, Culture, and Health, and Health Information Systems.

#4 Ohio Christian College

Ohio Christian University (OCU) has one online college Health Care Administration/Management degree: a Bachelor of Arts in Business with a concentration in Healthcare Management. (BABHM). (An online certificate option is also available.)

Students at OCU learn business and management skills along with a Christian outlook. These skills can be used in management positions in the health care field.

The university has a programme called Dual Credit that lets high school students take OCU classes at a lower cost and before they start college. Depending on the program, these classes can be taken online, on campus, or at certain high schools. said that OCU is a “2016 Home school Friendly College and University.”

To finish the online BAB programme at OCU, you need to earn 120 points. General Education courses are worth 36 credits, General Electives are worth 39 credits, and Program Electives are worth 45 credits. The classes in the HM concentration, which last five weeks, are part of the second type. The total number of points for the four HM classes is 12.

Some examples of studies are Healthcare Industry, Healthcare Informatics, Legal and Regulatory Issues in Healthcare, Healthcare Finance and Reimbursement, and Corporate Compliance and Integrity.

#3 The University of East Carolina

East Carolina University’s College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS) has two online bachelor’s degree programmes in Health Care Administration and Management:

A Bachelor of Science in Managing Health Services (HSM)
Health Information Management Bachelor of Science (HIM)
The HSM programme helps students get ready for jobs as supervisors or managers in health care situations at the mid-level. The Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) has given the HIM programme its seal of approval. The programme prepares students for the RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) professional certification and gives them the skills they need to manage health information that helps make business and clinical decisions.

Both programmes also help students get ready for graduate school in fields related to health. ECU says it was one of the first colleges in the U.S. to offer a degree programme online. Course work can be done at any time, and it is taught by the same professors who teach the same classes on campus.

Both of ECU’s online HCAM programmes require 126 credits to finish, and both can be taken online. The BS-HSM has two options for specialisation: general HSM and AHM. (Allied Health Management). The senior year of this programme is spent doing a 160-hour job.

Students who want to take some lessons on campus can do so as part of the HIM programme. The HIM programme trains graduates for jobs like Health Information Management Director, which was ranked number 27 on CNN Money’s list of the 100 best jobs for 2015.

Human Diseases, Health Care Delivery Systems, Professional Ethical Codes and Law in Health Care, Quality Management in Health Care, and Leadership in Health Care are some examples of classes in this field.

#2 Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing and Allied Health

Nebraska Methodist College of Nursing & Allied Health’s (NMC) Healthcare Professions school offers one online bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration/Management: a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management. (BSHM). The programme gives students the skills and information they need to work as administrators in the health care field.

Methodist Health System is linked to NMC. It teaches based on the core ideals of Caring, Excellence, Holism, Learning, and Respect. In 2017, the Carnegie Foundation gave it a Community Engagement Classification. Other awards include being named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll (2012 and 2014) and being named a Military-Friendly School by G.I. Jobs magazine (2013 and 2015) and other publications.

The BSHM is a full-time programme that takes four years (eight semesters) and 120 credits to finish. It has five major options: (1) Community Health, (2) Education, (3) Healthcare Administration, (4) Leadership, and (5) Interdisciplinary. There are also two choices for Minors: 1) Spanish for Healthcare Professionals and 2) Healthcare Sign Language.

The programme can be taken full- or part-time and can be done entirely online. Some lessons can also be taken on campus. People who finish this programme might want to move on to NMC’s MBA in Healthcare degree programme.

Courses to look at: Survey of U.S. Health Care Systems, Strategic Management for Healthcare Professionals, Human Resources, Principles of Financial Accounting, and Marketing in Healthcare.

Park University is #1.

Park University only offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Care Management as an online Health Care Administration/Management degree. This programme is for people who want to lead in health care or study health administration at the graduate level.

It helps build skills in financial planning, business compliance, regulatory issues, comparative analysis, ethics, communication, and other areas. Park College has gotten a lot of good scores, including Military Friendly School (2017), Best for Vets: Colleges (2016, 2017), and Payscale Best Value School (2017). (2016).

This online BSHCM degree takes 120 credits to finish. Of those, 60 credits are for upper-level courses in Statistics, Human Resource Management, International Business, Health Care, Marketing, Finance, Management, Biology, and other options. Senior year is a good time to do a job. This programme can also be done as a Minor, and there are two options: one for business majors and one for people who dont major in business.

Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Senior Seminar in Health Care Management, Quantitative Research Methods, and Principles of Marketing are some examples of classes you might take.


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