Apply For DRL Supporting Free and Independent Media Globally 2023

The Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (DRL) within the United States Department of State has announced an open competition for organisations that are interested in submitting applications for a project that will support civil society and independent media to advocate and hold governments accountable.

This project will do this by promoting and strengthening the ability of individuals to exercise their fundamental freedoms of expression, association, and peaceful assembly free from harassment, intimidation, and physical violence.

It is imperative that the programme foster and safeguard information ecosystems that are open and resilient.

strengthening the ability of journalists and independent media outlets to withstand the effects of legal and governmental challenges, as well as fostering the long-term adaptability and sustainability of independent media outlets and journalists, including free agents. The project that was awarded funding will be used as a part of a broader initiative being undertaken by DRL to safeguard independent journalism all over the world.

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Project activities should address the objectives for journalists and media outlets operating in a variety of environments, including contexts that are rapidly closing, contexts in which growing pressure forces journalists to flee, and contexts where journalists are operating in exile or in migratory host countries, and contexts in countries that are viewed as regional leaders whose actions have influence beyond their borders, and which may provide a welcoming environment for exiled journalists. Activities that illustrate may include, but are not limited to, the following:

Enhance the adaptability of independent journalists and media outlets, including those that are currently functioning from exile and those who are members of communities that are marginalised;
Help journalists who are under attack by providing them with legal and psychological support services.
Improve the capacity of media organisations to handle their responses to restrictive laws and regulations and to withstand their effects;

Improve the risk avoidance and management strategies employed by independent journalists and media outlets that are currently functioning from exile;
Give all types of independent journalists the knowledge and tools they need to protect themselves from online and physical attacks, improve their ability to respond to such threats, and lessen the potential damage those assaults could cause;

Foster connections and exchanges, specifically among exiled independent journalists and media practitioners, in order to strengthen coordination and knowledge sharing, including for media that is operating in third world countries. This can be done through peer training and mentoring.

Information Regarding Funding

The total funding cap is set at one million dollars.
Total Funding Ceiling: $1,000,000
The performance period will last between 36 and 48 months.

The Criteria for Eligibility

DRL encourages applications from non-profit organizations, nongovernmental organisations (NGO), and public international organisations located in the United States and other countries, as well as applications from private, public, or state institutions of higher education, and applications from for-profit organisations or businesses. DRL’s first choice is to collaborate with organisations that are not-for-profit; however, there may be some scenarios in which a collaboration with a for-profit organisation is more appropriate.

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Following the selection of panelists, additional scrutiny may be applied to applications that were presented by organisations that generate revenue for themselves. In addition, the Department of State does not allow for-profit or commercial organisations to make a profit from the assistance they receive from the department.

The term “profit” refers to any amount that is in excess of the direct and indirect expenses that are permissible. The provisions of the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) can be found at 48 CFR 30, Cost Accounting Standards Administration, and 48 CFR 31, Contract Cost Principles and Procedures. These regulations are used to determine whether or not expenses incurred by commercial organisations are eligible for reimbursement.

Please contact DRL Supporting Free and Independent Media Globally if you would like further information.

Deadline: 3rd May 2023

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